Escape room management can make or break a good experience. As players are now expecting more and more from their games - custom lighting, sound, music, clever ways of unlocking puzzle content - an overwhelmed operator can easily make mistakes. Watching through cameras and manually controlling these elements can risk being late on cues, missing vital information or giving an inappropriate clue. These mistakes can completely ruin the game for a player.

As escape room builders, we wanted to create software that lets the operator concentrate on what we think they should be doing best - monitoring and directing the player’s gameplay, rather than the process of ‘lever pulling’ that’s required to make a complicated game work.

So we created an automated software program, and called it...


The product started when we (Clockwork Dog) made our most complicated escape room yet, Loop -- a room full of technological problems to overcome. We needed a system that could not only control the flow of puzzles, sound and lighting, but also a unique live ‘record and playback’ system of the players’ voices which needed to be tied to the progress of the game.

We are different to most escape game companies as we do not have a permanent room, hub or base. We have spent the last few years building pop-up escape rooms and dreaming up short term client experiences, alongside selling our services to other escape room businesses.


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