User friendly interface

  • Easy to interpret visual cues and buttons.

  • Set up according to your needs.

  • Runs offline.


  • Normal timing like all other systems.

  • Ability to add/subtract time.

  • Special timer requirements for unique games.


  • Text based - to TV screen or pager device.

  • Audio hint playback.

  • Auto suggestions depending on team progression.

Electronic Triggers

  • Visual aids that tell you the progression/completion of a puzzle without using cameras.

  • Ability to skip or simplify puzzle elements if a team are struggling.

  • Auto & manual control over locking mechanisms, motors, actuators, lights and sound effects.

Audio & Video

  • Sound effects tied to user actions (e.g. completing a puzzle, pressing a button).

  • Soundscapes - atmosphere that changes based on player actions.

  • Music - mix different soundtracks seamlessly at key mood changes within the game.

  • Multiple screen control to play videos or have interactive touchscreen elements.

Lighting control

  • Connects to Philips Hue or DMX Lighting systems.

  • Lighting scene changes to fit the mood.

  • Lighting changes to clue the team.

DMX/MIDI control

  • Can interface with DMX or MIDI compatible items.

    • E.g. lights, smoke machines, other MIDI controlled software.


  • A custom print-out (with the team’s times) can be generated and printed.


  • Keep track of the time it takes your teams to hit various milestones in the game.

  • Over time this data becomes valuable and lets you see the impact of tweaking the flow of the game.

  • It can also allow you to provide personalised stats to your teams - “You were the 3rd fastest ever team to get into the safe!”



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