The setup


  • You tell us what you want the game to do, and we’ll work out how to make that happen using our system.

  • We discuss your game flow and suggest how COGS can add more flourishes.

  • We are UK based so it’s easy for us to talk.


  • We program this for you. This is often the most complex and time consuming part of getting any control system to work and you don’t have to lift a finger. No other control system offers this.

  • We’ll not only get the game flow right, but also the DMX control, the lighting, the sound, the videos and any special puzzle requirements.


COGS hardware

  • This is our control system that connects to the electronic components of the room. You purchase this from us. The price varies depending on requirements.

Other hardware

  • These are the electronic components of the room that will go in puzzles and doors (e.g. sensors, maglocks, actuators and switches).

  • We can either purchase these parts for you OR we can send you the ‘shopping list’ to purchase them yourself at cost price.

  • This includes DMX controlled items such as lights, smoke machines etc.

  • If you already have electronic props or if you want to retrofit an existing room we can look at the compatibility of the hardware with COGS software.


  • We’ll send you full instructions on how to connect up the tech, including tips on how to install components into your props.

  • If you’re unsure about anything, drop us a line.

Time on site

  • Once you’ve installed everything, you always get a day on site with our team as part of your hardware costs.

  • We’ll spend this day testing and ironing out bugs, perfecting sound/light effects and training your staff.

  • We will leave you with a fully functioning system.

  • Optionally, if you need us for more time, we can be hired out at a daily fee.


After care

Remote Support

  • Once we’ve handed over the system, we’re around to support it. Within office hours we always get back to you within in 24hrs (but often much sooner).

  • Out of office hours support is available, but this is not included in the licence fee.

  • As the system is PC based, we can take control remotely and diagnose the problem very quickly.


  • If any of our COGS hardware wears out within a year, we send a replacement immediately.


  • If you need a small tweak changed or added, we can provide patch updates to your software remotely.

  • We can make larger changes or additions at a daily rate.


  • Our software is continually changing and evolving - our dev team is always working on it.

  • If there’s a new version you’ll receive it as part of your licence.

  • The system is built on the feedback of our users. If you feel there is a need for an extra feature, chances are we’ll develop it into a new version.


The cost

Licence Fee

£149 per month

Hardware Cost

This varies on the requirements & complexity of your game.


 Any questions?

We’re happy to chat.

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